SMD Solder Manual

For SMD soldering one needs rosin (also called colophony). It helps the molten metal to flow and makes a better connection. Use it with alcohol and a brush.
Because SMDs are super small a magnifying glass could do magic, too.

And certainly one needs a normal solder iron and all the standart tools for soldering.

1. One need a protoboard for the SMD chip.

2. And the chip.

3. Put rosin on the solder pats.

4. And some solder, too.

5. Check with the magnifying glass if there are no bridges. To remove these use desoldering braid.

6. Again some rosin.

7. Bring the chip in the right possition.

8. Solder one leg without any extra solder, just melt the one on the pads. Check if the possition is OK, than solder all the other pins, again no solder is needed.

9. Check all connections and the pins for bridges. If there is one desolder it with a desoldering braid.

10. Solder some proper pins on the board, too.