PN001 Pop Neuron

This module is obsolete, please use the Confetti501 Confetti Neuron

The basic module of the Pop Neuron to build analog neural networks in the Analog Computer Confetti, one can use jumper to use it as an excitatory or an inhibitory neuron. The capacitor and the input and output resistors has to be set, too.

Two Pop Neuron connected as on oscillator:


by Wolfgang Spahn

Paper PCB


The PCB version of the PN001 Pop Neuron the Pop Neuron Shenzhen Ready on
Made by Marc Dusseiller and the SGMK.


  • Resistors:
  • 2x 1 kOhm
  • 1x 120 kOhm
  • 2x 1k - 470k
  • Capacitors:
  • 1x 1nF - 4.7µF
  • Diodes:
  • 1x LED
  • Semiconductors
  • 1x TL072 OpAmp
  • Mechanical:
  • 1x IC socket, 8pins
  • 2x 3 pin strip
  • 2x 2 pin header, female
  • 2x 4 pin header, female
  • 2x pin header, female 90° 1×3, 1×2
  • 2x pin header, male 90° 1×3, 1×2
  • 2x jumpers
  • Potentiometers:
  • 1x 100 kOhm

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