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The Paper-Duino-Mini is the super reduced version of the Paperduino-Uno. It's perfect to build it in fabric for wearables or to build into (inter)active pictures.
It comes with a small power regulator and an LED on pin 13 - but that's all.


Beside the USB to Serial adapter one needs an additional programming adapter for loading up the sketches.


All about uploading a sketch without a Serial-to USB adapter one can find here: The Arduino as a Serial Adapter
And all about the bootloader is here:Burning the Bootloader



  • Atmega328
  • 1 low current LED
  • voltage converter 78M05
  • crystal 16MHz
  • 1 elkos 100µF
  • 2 capacitors 100nF
  • 2 capacitors 22pF
  • diode 1N4007
  • resistors: 1x 2kOhm, 2x 470Ohm, 1x 10kOhm
  • reset button
  • pin headers & sockets
  • battery clip

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