The Ehternet Board is designed with the cheap Ethernet IC ENC28J60. Cause the IC is running on 3.3V one need the Quad Buffer 74ACT125 to convert the 5V signal in a 3.3V signal. The Board was designed for the Paperduino-Uno and therefore a 3.3V voltage power converter is on the board, too. The pins on the LAN socket must be modified to match the holes on the strip board.

Here you find the library and some examples:




  • Ethernet IC ENC28J60
  • Quad Buffer 74ACT125
  • voltage converter TS2940
  • diode 1N4007
  • 3 elko 10µF
  • 8 capacitors 100nF
  • 2 capacitors 18pF
  • crystal 25MHz
  • resistors: 2x 820Ohm, 4x 49.9Ohm, 2.32kOhm, 10kOhm
  • 2 low current Leds
  • LAN Socket TRJ0011BANL
  • ferrit bead 06h-85
  • button


The Ethernet-Board was designed by Wolfgang Spahn 2011-12.
It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License