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 {{ :​raspberry_boards:​paper-duino-pi_0961.jpg |}} {{ :​raspberry_boards:​paper-duino-pi_0961.jpg |}}
-With the Paper-Duino-Pi the Raspberry Pi as an all purpose artistic tool is now complete. ​Here you'​ll ​find Paperduino Pi boards for all the missing analog and digital in- and outputs, ​VGA boards and more. +Here one will find VGA boards, Wiring Boards ​and more Hats
 +  * [[raspberry_boards:​raspi-sound-hat|Raspi-Sound-Hat]] 
 +  * [[raspberry_boards:​raspbi-pd_control_hat|Raspi-PD Control Hat]]
   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_vga_board|Raspberry Pi VGA-Board]]   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_vga_board|Raspberry Pi VGA-Board]]
   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_basic_hat|Raspberry Basic Hat]]   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_basic_hat|Raspberry Basic Hat]]
   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_io_board|Raspberry GPIO Board]]   * [[raspberry_boards:​raspberry_io_board|Raspberry GPIO Board]]
- and some Duino Hats.+ and some Duino Hats if one need some more analog and digital in- and outputs.
   * [[raspberry_boards:​paperduinopi_hat|Paper-Duino-Hat]]   * [[raspberry_boards:​paperduinopi_hat|Paper-Duino-Hat]]
   * [[raspberry_boards:​paperduinopi|Paper-Duino-Pi]] (with auto reset)   * [[raspberry_boards:​paperduinopi|Paper-Duino-Pi]] (with auto reset)