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-===== Paper-PCBs or Paperboards =====+===== Paper PCBs or Paperboards =====
 {{ :​arduino_boards:​midi_board_06_wspahn.jpg?​ |}} {{ :​arduino_boards:​midi_board_06_wspahn.jpg?​ |}}
-Paper-PCBs are PCBs based on paper print outs combined with standart protoboards (copper strip boards).\\ +Paper PCBs is the fastest and the most flexible rapid prototyping system developed by [[http://​wolfgang-spahn.de/​doku.php|Wolfgang Spahn]] since 2008.\\ 
-These boards ​are a fantastic way for rapid prototyping,​ easy to make and easy to modifier.\\+Paper PCBs are Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) based on paper print outs combined with standard ​copper strip boards. ​With these boards ​one can easily build and modifier ​real electronic circuits that could be used in any devices and applications.\\
-That site is a sideproject ​of the artist ​[[http://​wolfgang-spahn.de/​|Wolfgang Spahn]]. All boards are developed for and used in his art work, performances and installations. The Paper Synthesizers are developed ​in collaboration with Antti Pussinen.\\ +Wolfgang Spahn uses Paper PCBs in the heart of most of his artworks like kinetic light and sound [[http://​wolfgang-spahn.de/​doku.php|objects, sculptures installations and performances]]. If not other mentioned all boards are designed ​and developed ​by Wolfgang Spahn.\\ 
- +Certainly many boards based on ideas and were realized with help of may colleges and friendsThey are named on the sides of each project.\\
-For better use and for protection one can find frames for Paper PCB here:\\ +
-[[http://​dernulleffekt.de/doku.php?​id=frames:​frames_paper_pcb|Frames for Paper PCB]]\\+
   * [[about:​introduction|Introduction]]   * [[about:​introduction|Introduction]]
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   * [[about:​smd-soldering|SMD Soldering]]   * [[about:​smd-soldering|SMD Soldering]]
 +For better use and for protection one can find 3D printable frames for Paper PCB here:\\
 +[[http://​dernulleffekt.de/​doku.php?​id=frames:​mainframes|Frames and Bottom Plates for Paper PCB]].\\
 ---- ----
 ==== Paper-Duino ==== ==== Paper-Duino ====