Paper-PCBs or Paperboards

Paper-PCBs are PCBs based on paper print outs combined with standart protoboards (copper strip boards).
These boards are a fantastic way for rapid prototyping, easy to make and easy to modifier.

That site is a sideproject of the artist Wolfgang Spahn. All boards are developed for and used in his art work, performances and installations. The Paper Synthesizers are developed in collaboration with Antti Pussinen.

For better use and for protection one can find frames for Paper PCB here:
Frames for Paper PCB


Here are all kind of boards and clones based on the Arduino.

Paper Synthesizer

Paper Synthesizer is a modular environment to sculpt electricity into waveforms.


Paper Bits is a small modular analog synthesizer.

Pop Neuron

An electronic analog arificial network.

Analog Computer

A stack able electronic analog computation system.

VGA Synthesizer

VGA synthesizer and VGA hacking boards,

Boards for the Raspberry Pi

Here you'll find all kind of boards (Hats)for the Raspberry Pi.

AVR & Bootloader

Here one find all kind of AVR programmer and manuals.

Arduino Boards

Here you find boards and shields for the Arduino or your Paperduino.

Sound Boards

All kind of sound and Midi boards.

Old & Others

Old and obsolete projects.

In Development

All these boards are in an early development stage.