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Am AVRISP mkII clone made with Paper-PCBs. The controller is the ProMicro with the Atmel32U4 chip. The design is based on the Kosakalab - Make the AVRISP mkII Clone from Arduino Leonardo / Micro.

Pro Micro Modification

TX Line Connection:
Solder a wire between the resistor of the TX LED and A0.

Close the Jumper:
The Chinese Pro Micro clones have a 5V converter on board. That means when powered over USB the Pro Micro runs on 4.7V. To close the jumper will avoid that (it´s next to the USB socket). But never power the Pro Micro over the RAW input again! Check the original sparkfun schematic for details.
In putting a little bit of solder on J1 of the Pro Micro Clone you close the jumper and bypass the voltage converter of the board.

Pin Out:


The Arduino Pro Micro