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 ===== Fabric-Duino ===== ===== Fabric-Duino =====
 {{ :​arduino_clones:​fabric-duino_011229.jpg?​400 |}}\\ {{ :​arduino_clones:​fabric-duino_011229.jpg?​400 |}}\\
-The Fabric-Duino is basically a version of the [[arduino_clones:​paper-duino-mini|Paper-Duino-Mini]]. One use fabric ​instead of the paper. And as connector ​one make small wire eye.\\ +The Fabric-Duino is an Arduino clone for fabric. And for connectors ​one can make small wire eye.\\
 {{ :​arduino_clones:​duino-shirt.jpg?​400 |}}\\ {{ :​arduino_clones:​duino-shirt.jpg?​400 |}}\\
-The Paper-Duino-UNO works as well, but the smaller version is much handier.\\+All Paper-Duino ​version will works as well, but the smaller version is much handier.\\ 
 +==== Paper PCB ==== 
 +{{ :​arduino_clones:​fabric-duino_02.zip |}}\\ 
 01. Iron the printout on fabric:\\ 01. Iron the printout on fabric:\\
 {{:​arduino_clones:​fabric-duino_01_174501.jpg?​200|}}\\ {{:​arduino_clones:​fabric-duino_01_174501.jpg?​200|}}\\