Paper-PCBs or Paperboards

Paper-PCBs show all kind of PCBs based on paper print outs combined with standart protoboards.
That site is a sideproject of Wolfgang Spahn. Most boards are developed and used in his art work, performances and installations.

Arduino Clones

Here are all kind of boards and clones based on the Arduino.

Paper Synthesizer

by Antti Pussinen und Wolfgang Spahn
Paper Synthesizer is a modular environment where one can pick the desired building blocks and builds ones own sound generator of choice. A way to sculpt electricity into waveforms.


Paper Bits is a small modular sythesizer, with a 8 Step-Sequenzer and 3 Oscillator. A sinus wave VCO, and a synced square/triangel wave VCO.
* Paper-Bits

AVR & Bootloader

Boards for the Raspberry Pi

With the Paper-Duino-Pi the Raspberry Pi as an all purpose artistic tool is now complete. Here you'll find Paperduino boards for all the missing analog and digital in- and outputs.

Arduino Boards

Old & Others