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PB321 Supply Unit

A smal output board for line audio and it is powered with an USB cable, too. Just cut the plug of your USB cable and solder the red wire to +5V and the black one to GND.

Paper PCB


  • Resistors:
  • 1x 330 Ohm
  • 2x 1 kOhm
  • 2x 3.9kOhm
  • Capacitors:
  • 1x 100 nF
  • 2x 10 µF
  • 1x 3300µF
  • Diodes:
  • 1x LEDs 3mm
  • Mechanical:
  • USB cable (cut one plug)
  • 1x pin strip 1×2
  • 2x pin header, female 90° 1×3, 1×2
  • 1x jumper
  • stereo jack socket

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