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 ===== Confetti312 Hexaconnector II ===== ===== Confetti312 Hexaconnector II =====
-That's a connection board for the analog computer [[analog_computer:​analog_computer_main|Confetti]].\\ ​+That's a connection board for the analog computer [[analog_computer:​analog_computer_main|Confetti]]. If one has connected some Confetti modules with the [[analog_computer:​confetti310_hexacorner|Confetti310 Hexacorner]] to a hexagon, for example for a ring of Confetti Neurons, that board could be used for an extra connection outside the circle.  
 +==== Preparing the Stripe Board ==== 
 +For building the Hexaconnector board one needs to cut two copper stripe proto boards in the following way:\\ 
 +The two copper stripes for the two buses and the three stripes for power on the back of the board should be soldered together.\\
 ---- ----
 ==== Paper PCB ==== ==== Paper PCB ====
 +{{ :​analog_computer:​confetti312_hexaconnector_ii_01.zip |}}\\
 +==== License ====
 +The Confetti312 Hexaconnector II was designed by **Wolfgang Spahn** 2019.\\
 +It is licensed under a [[http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/"​|Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License]].
 +<a rel="​license"​ href="​http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/"><​img alt="​Creative Commons License"​ style="​border-width:​0"​ src="​https://​i.creativecommons.org/​l/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/​88x31.png"​ /></​a> ​
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