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 ==== Alsa Mixer Settings ==== ==== Alsa Mixer Settings ====
-[[https://​github.com/​Audio-Injector/​stereo-and-zero]]\\ +To enable the audio output: 
-There are two reference alsa mixer files which will allow you to setup default ​output ​with either line input or microphone input : +   ​$ ​amixer set '​Output Mixer HiFi' on 
-Download: +Go into the folder:
-   $ wget https://​github.com/​Audio-Injector/​stereo-and-zero/​archive/​master.zip +
-Unpack it+
-   ​$ ​unzip master.zip +
-go into the folder:+
    $ cd stereo-and-zero-master/​audio.injector.scripts-0.1/​    $ cd stereo-and-zero-master/​audio.injector.scripts-0.1/​
-and run:+To setup the output ​run the following command: 
 +In combination with the microphone input:
    $ alsactl --file asound.state.MIC.thru.test restore    $ alsactl --file asound.state.MIC.thru.test restore
 +or in combination with the lines input:
    $ alsactl --file asound.state.RCA.thru.test restore    $ alsactl --file asound.state.RCA.thru.test restore
 to check the alsa setting: to check the alsa setting: