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   * [[paper_bits:​PB705_VCCC|PB705 VCCC (Voltage Controlled Chua Circuit)]]   * [[paper_bits:​PB705_VCCC|PB705 VCCC (Voltage Controlled Chua Circuit)]]
   * [[paper_bits:​PB808_kickdrum|PB808 Kick Drum]]   * [[paper_bits:​PB808_kickdrum|PB808 Kick Drum]]
 +  * [[paper_bits:​Euro_In|Euro Rack to Paper Bit Adapter]]
 === For Developing and Indication === === For Developing and Indication ===
   * [[paper_bits:​PB303_level_meter|PB303 Level Meter]]   * [[paper_bits:​PB303_level_meter|PB303 Level Meter]]